For over 30 years Rashbel has been a powerful force in the wholesaling and retailing of raw materials, chains, and findings, in silver, gold filled and gold. Rashbel prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of both quality of service and quality of products to all people, from the small independent jeweler through to the largest manufacturing companies.

We are also manufacturers of an increasing number of hand made chains in unique and original designs in gold filled, sterling silver and karat gold and have extended the production to include bangles, earrings and findings.

We have also recently acquired the machinery from the well known company from Pforzhiem, Germany, GUST AD SCHMIDT and are now the exclusive producers of the rare and unique galley strips, decorative wires, bead and half bead wires. We supply the above in any material, gold, gold filled, sterling silver, brass and white metal. We look forward to serving you.


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